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Why Pallet Racks are Going Galvanized

Every business is driven by a simple formula - increase the profits and decrease the costs. It doesn't matter whether the company sells baby-formula or cell phones, the product will either be stored on-site or at a warehouse, typically on a pallet. Pallets are affordable, cost effective, and easy to replace. But what about the racks they are held on? Most goods cannot be stacked, one pallet on top of another, without damage and loss. But where pallets are inexpensive and easily replaced, the racks they are stored on are an investment that should not be quickly dismissed.

Untreated steel quickly oxidizes, corrosion sets in and pitting occurs. More than unsightly, these changes can ultimately lead to structural compromise and expensive repair costs. Painting the steel can slow the effects, but paint chips easily - especially on a racking system that is seeing pallets move into and out of position daily. A stainless steel coating also helps to keep rust at bay, but can easily be scratched off by ordinary wear and tear. The only practical solution are Galvanized Pallet Rack systems.

Galvanized racks hold up under harsh conditions and are far more resistant to mechanical damage than either stainless or painted racks. They have an anticipated usable life of more than fifty years in most rural conditions. They are able to be used outside in the elements, or inside cooler and freezer systems without negative effect. The tough coating gives heavy resistance to damage normally sustained in transport and installation, and superior resistance to mechanical damage during service. It is cheaper than stainless and carries a lower long term cost due to fewer and less expensive repairs.

Galvanized steel is created by dipping the entire surface of the steel structure into a kettle of molten zinc. This creates a chemical metallurgical reaction, bonding the zinc and iron molecules into inter-metallic alloy layers. This chemically bonded material increases the resilience and durability of the product, while fighting the oxidization and rust that naturally occur during service. Often, the entire product is crowned by a layer of pure zinc, to improve its resistance to impact and damage.

Racks and racking systems wear down and need to be replaced. Companies likes Red Steel Material Handling can offer expert information and advice regarding galvanized steel and racking systems. Make the next repairs the company pays for be the last. Invest in quality equipment.

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